What People Are Saying

Meet just a few of the people who have been helped by Peter Jefford or have benefited from one of the ‘Turning Stress Into Success’ Workshops

“Discovering new links…opened my eyes to the effects of stress and has given me a great deal of confidence in managing my own stress and my relationships in the workplace.”

Mark du Toit
Manager – Business Services, UK Banking Group

…and two years later Mark wrote:

“I still consider your workshop to be one of my most memorable life changing moments ever. I can honestly say that my attitude to every aspect of my work-life balance has improved dramatically ever since I attended the workshop.

And your suggestions for reducing stress that I took away with me from those two days have helped me through some very challenging times in the past two years, both at work and at home.”

“The feedback and statistics we’ve had back after the workshop programme have been tremendous…the decrease of sickness absences is great…not just minor sickness and ailments like headaches and stomach problems…but also the more serious elements of sickness related to stress…these have decreased…which has been great news for the group.”

Tammy Day

People Manager – RBS Group Technology

“I would consider it one of the best courses I have attended for a long time. Peter was excellent and created a safe environment where we were able to explore causes and consequences of stressful situations in work and life and look at strategies aimed at helping us identify the different stages we go through, where we get stuck and how to move forward. An excellent course…”

Care Manager – Social Services

“What was really useful were the practical tips on self-help and help for others, but mostly the chance to ‘release’ emotional stress and share experiences…the freedom to talk about it! I found Peter easy to talk to and his own experiences were shared which made it easier to listen to the messages. This is good in small groups like this, as it encourages open and honest discussions.”

Louise Tennant

IT Development Manager

“I attended the ‘Turning Stress into Success’ workshop after a particularly difficult time in the workplace. I wished I’d gone on such a course beforehand as I would have coped much better. The course focuses on the causes of stress and helps you to understand the blockages that can keep you stuck in the stressful situation. Understanding this gave me confidence that I could cope much better with future stress. It also gives you tools to help friends and colleagues.”

Graham Armfield

User Interface Consultant, RBS

“Peter facilitated the two days fantastically. The event itself was great in terms of practical things to use at work and home. Excellent! Every person working for a large organisation should go on this course.”

Kim Paterson

Business Support Manager – International Banking Group

“The best investment I’ve made for many a long day!”

Michael MacMahon

Fund Raising Manager – Stroke Association

“When we started the coaching I was on the slope towards ‘crash and burn’ again…and I knew that this time I might not survive. Now I am still busy at work and I am taking on wider commercial responsibilities but I am feeling good and actively managing my work-life balance. I am building better work relationships, generating shared outcomes and making more effective use of time.”


Head of Financial & Management Accounting (Media Accounting Svcs. Ltd)

“My outcome was to take more control of my working day…and my life! Delegation and letting go was an issue for me. Since starting the coaching I have been promoted and given the additional responsibility of all of Customer Services. This means that I have to delegate more and this has gone really well. I now ‘feel’ in control.”

John Newland

Senior Manager – Logistics

“I used to over-analyse and come across as indecisive, I could be obsessive – I didn’t want to get it wrong. I was fearful of redundancy and not being successful. I could be abrupt, get angry and raise stress in others at work. Now I am much calmer and in control, dealing with people better when the pressure is on – I am being more assertive without being aggressive. I recently played an important role in closing a major deal – I am making more decisions myself. My boss has noticed that as a result I am more effective and people find it easier to work with me now – I have been recommended for promotion.”


Investment Banker (Dresdner Kleinwort Benson)

“Before the coaching I was low in energy, tired and stressed. I was working long hours and finding it hard to switch off at home. After the coaching I felt much more energetic, enthusiastic and work was more like a ‘moving walkway’ rather than the ‘treadmill’ that it had been. I felt that all around was changing and now I was actively moving with it.”


Senior Manager (Technology Sector)

“Peter and I worked great together. I’m a lot more confident and better at decision making – more ‘powerful’. I got good feedback from Peter and now I deal with difficult situations and conflict much better, I take more of a ‘helicopter view’. It’s better for everyone.”


Investment Banker

“I found the coaching enjoyable and it worked well with me. I wasn’t really clear on day one why I was doing it but once the outcomes were agreed then it was good and my objectives were achieved. Despite all the stress and disruption around at work at the moment I am feeling great. I have greater self-confidence, heightened self-awareness; I am calmer and feel less pressurised – more productive.”


Senior Manager (Technology Sector)

“Peter is a highly skilled and experienced coach who always gives of his best to ensure that people learn and develop the skills most relevant to their current goals. He combines sound commercial judgement and first-hand experience of corporate project management with personal warmth and sensitivity to others. He is a brilliant trainer and coach.”

Dianne Lowther

Owner / Director of Brilliant Minds
Master Trainer of NLP
October 2009

“Peter is a dedicated and insightful individual who brings extensive knowledge and experience to his work…helping people to gain the skills, knowledge and attitude they need to be successful and achieve the outcomes they want. He has a gift for building rapport and finding ways to make a difference to those he works with. He helps people find solutions to unblock the problems that hold them back and put in place useful and resourceful behaviours instead. He combines an ethical stance with pragmatic and realistic ideas for developing skills within a business environment so that people can achieve measurable results.”

Mandy Geal

Owner / Director, Learning Partners Ltd
October 2009

“Peter’s background in business and training, together with his comprehensive understanding and application of NLP methodology produces substantial results for his clients.”

Kathryn Thomason- Hayes

Qualified Trainer of NLP
Registered Institute of the
Time Line Therapy Association

“Peter’s coaching style is both understated and powerful, which enables him to build excellent rapport and always achieve a result.”

Crispin Spalding

Director – Ultima Performance Training

“Since you cured me of my fear of flying we have been to China, Ecuador, Australia and Sri Lanka. How’s that for excellent coaching!”

Mary Tait

Training and Development Professional

“Peter is very knowledgeable about the subject of stress and uses personal examples and clear analogies to reinforce understanding.”

Simon Stone

Manager – RBS Technology Services

“An excellent insight into the cycle of stress and how to recognise it. Some great tips and techniques for helping to manage work and priorities. Excellent and knowledgeable trainer.”

Alan Rourke

Manager, Technology Services, RBS Edinburgh

“I am learning to set my own boundaries…my employer will take all that I am prepared to give – I need to decide this myself. Very useful workshop – I recommend it.”

Alan Campbell

Manager – Technology Services

“I would recommend it for everybody…it will be useful to all. Trainer very good, having had his own experiences in this are helps you buy into the programme.”


Manager – Technology Services

“An excellent course dealing with a difficult subject that will be of great benefit on a daily basis in managing myself and my people…interesting and useful.”

Mark Letchford

Manager – Technology Services Delivery

“An excellent course that helped put some perspective around my own recent stress related illness. Great use of 2 days!”

Fiona Conboy

Project Manager, Business Services Delivery

And two years later Fiona wrote:

“It is probably one of the most helpful courses I have been on – helping me to recognise stress in myself, and as a result to recognise the effects in others.

I recently lost my husband to cancer and have noticed that I am now able to recognise my own signs of stress and take appropriate actions where possible to deal with it. So thanks again for such a useful course!”

“One of the things that was most useful was the exercise which highlighted what areas I need to improve in my daily routine in order to avoid stress. I felt Peter knew his stuff which meant that points were expanded and explained well.”

Anetta Craig

Manager – Banking Services

“Knowledgeable trainer, course gave tangible methods and ideas to use to reduce stress in self and others.”

Nikki Jamieson

Continuous Improvement Manager, Business Technology Management

“Peter has a clear and supportive approach to a difficult subject.”

Tim Lewis

Manager – IT Development

“Very good, clear communication. Would recommend to anyone.”

Peter Marshall

Systems Analyst, GTS Technology Services

…and two years later:

“Your lessons have come in very useful, especially this year where my stress levels could have gone through the roof, with both personal and professional issues.”

“An excellent course which I will be recommending to my peers, boss and team leader. Really interesting and thought provoking – excellent examples provided by the tutor to emphasise the key points.”

John Garner

Support Analyst, RBS Technology Services

Corporate In-house Workshop Programme:

“Clear and easy to talk to. Helped us all talk openly which I was not expecting” – Stephen

“This was useful in identifying issues I need to resolve” – Roger

“Peter’s use of own stories/experiences really added value to the workshop” – Andrew

“Very good at making the group comfortable and getting people to speak openly” – Anne

“Peter was very helpful and made following the course easy” – Phil

“Well structured and well run course. Good balance between taught material and exercises” – Guy

“Very approachable and easy to relate to” – Nicholas

“Course structured. Facilitator managed content and responded to demands of group work” – Michael

RBS Worldpay


Sponsoring Manager’s Feedback:

“Peter is an expert in his profession!”

Tammy Day

Head of Business Control – RBS WorldPay

Sample Feedback – Public Sector Programmes:

“Exercises which helped in unblocking stress…very powerful”

“There wasn’t any pressure on the individual – I felt comfortable, I enjoyed the exercises…some were truly amazing!”

“I was particularly impressed with the session on free-fall writing, I think this will be very useful.”

“Lots of food for thought – I look at problems in a more positive way.”

“I am more aware of my own stress levels and knowing how to deal with them…and other people’s stress.”

“I’m so laid back now you wouldn’t believe!!!!!! Good course…I now have some strategies to enable me to clear my head. All in all, very worthwhile for me.’”

“I was surprised at how useful it was, I have taken away several things that I know will be useful to me in managing my stress levels”

“Excellent course and really felt it was worthwhile. Learnt some techniques I will definitely use now and in the future.”

“It was a very good course, with plenty of food for thought, really enjoyed it. Peter made it very enjoyable and had put a lot of thought in to the presentation of the course. I am sure now we have so much background knowledge of stress, life will become easier in many ways.”

“I would consider it one of the best courses I have attended for a long time. The trainer was excellent and created a safe environment where we were able to explore causes and consequences of stressful situations in work and life and look at strategies aimed at helping us identify the different stages we go through, where we get stuck and how to move forward. An excellent course…”

Sponsoring Manager’s Feedback – Devon County Council:

“I was struck by the positive feedback after the event…Peter’s skill in delivery and management of the group dynamics… the overwhelming theme was one of an approach that was “powerful but without threat” and for the group this learning, insight and awareness has remained with them.”

Su Pascoe

Service Manager (Intermediate Care)

“Very interesting with easy to use techniques”

Karen Keeling

Manager – Technology Services

“Excellent for raising the awareness of stress. I will recommend to all of my department.”

Michael Brooks

Manager – Technology Services

“Excellent! Content, presentation, environment. Valuable, and recommend to anyone.”

Rob Haile

Manager – Business Services, Group Technology,
RBS Banking Group

“Set up a relaxed atmosphere encouraging openness.”


Project Manager

“The course is good and gets everyone to look at situations in a new light. Trainer helpful and informative.”


Project Manager

“Lots of great examples of his experiences.”

Shona Lemmon

Manager – Finance Sector

“An excellent course…not only for turning stress into success…but for personal growth also.”

Duncan Watson

Programme Manager – RBS Technology Services

“Brilliant course and tutor. At this present time in my life it has helped me a great deal.”

Della Griffin

Support Analyst, International Banking

“One of the most insightful, useful and well-formed courses I have attended.”


Manager – Off-shore Banking

“What was most useful was that I realised that stress does affect me when I didn’t really think it did! And being able to relate this to personal issues and problems. Peter used lots of real life examples which made it easier to appreciate and understand the content of the course.”


Manager – Off-shore Banking

“I enjoyed the course – it was fun! The trainer was just about right, very calm and one of the better trainers I remember…just that it’s one of the better courses I have done recently.”


Manager – Off-shore Banking

“Every manager and team leader should attend this course!”


Project Manager

“This is a course that all managers with line manager responsibility should attend. Trainer judged the pace of the course very well.”


Project Manager

“Peter is someone who speaks clearly and explains things thoroughly. He is very professional and knows what he is talking about. He is a very genuine person. Thanks for a great course – I will definitely put what I have learned into action.”


Manager – Off-shore Banking

“Peter was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject…he kept everyone’s interest and gave us time to explore issues of interest to us all. A well run and beneficial two days.”


Manager – Off-shore Banking

“Excellent…a real eye opener…I’m sure I can put that to good use in the workplace.”


Manager – Finance Sector

“What was most useful was learning how to spot stress in others and ways of dealing with it. How to engage them and coach them.”

Frances Somerfield

Project Manager

“Provided tools for dealing with difficult situations in the workplace in a positive open way. Provided solutions and tools for problems I wasn’t even aware I had!”


Manager – Off-shore Banking

“The course was very enjoyable and Peter the trainer was great…he answered all our questions and gave tips along the way.”


Manager – Off-shore Banking

“Peter was very professional, easy to listen to and very good as a trainer. I would highly recommend him.”

Sharon McGlynn

Manager, Technology Services

“Peter displayed a good knowledge of the subject and was able to pluck tangible examples from his previous workplace experience to highlight and reinforce points. I think it helps that he had a project management background as many of the generic stress triggers are generic across the industry. He also managed to inject enough humour into the event to lighten the mood at times but also remained focused on the overall goals of the event.”


Programme Manager

“What was most useful was that it focused me on the areas that were important to me.”


Programme Manager

“What was most useful was understanding the stress recovery model and the relationship between pressure and stress. Valuable conversation / shared experience with other delegates was a huge additional benefit and was encouraged by tutor.”


Manager – Finance Sector

“Covered the concept of stress as a natural part of life and how to use it to improve performance and self and others without going over the edge. Well presented, participative course.”

Fiona Harvie

Senior Project Manager, Technology Services

“What was most useful was managing and coaching others to succeed – using a structured process to help me to understand why previous unstructured free-format discussions had not resulted in a positive outcome. Very much enjoyed the course, particularly sharing experiences with others.”


Manager – Finance Sector

“What was most useful was sharing experiences and learning from others. Taking time out to actually stop and think about stress.”

Caroline McGloskey

Manager – Technology Services

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