Managing Stress

More help for busy people who are over-worked,
under pressure, over-tired or feeling stressed!

Human beings normally respond to the ‘stress’ induced by a particular event or experience in an automatic or ‘unconscious’ way which allows us to recover naturally without needing to think about it, or even be particularly aware of what is happening. Your mind and body are efficiently ‘programmed’ to do this. So for example if you feel tired and sleep well at night, then you will awake feeling refreshed and energised the next morning, ready for a new day.

A growing problem in today’s busy lifestyle is that we often face many challenges during the day, we tend to ‘push’ ourselves more, and we can easily ‘get stuck’ in behaviour patterns that interrupt or inhibit the natural process of recovery. This can create a vicious circle where we create more stressful situations around us, just because we are struggling and feeling ‘under stress’.

You may have encountered this in a work situation, or perhaps if you have young children…? For example, if I am in a hurry and trying to encourage my two sons to get their things together so I can get them off to school…the more I push them and get impatient, the more they ‘kick-up’ – and the worse the situation gets. My stress is ‘communicated’ to them and their reaction to that leads to me getting even more stressed. A common situation I’m sure!

How Stress Builds Up Over Time

It’s very easy for each of the ‘challenging situations’ which we encounter during the day to pile yet more stress on top – so that by the end of the day we feel ‘run ragged’ and exhausted! Familiar story? You might also find sometimes that the worries of the day play on your mind even more when you’re tired and affect your ability to sleep well at night…so that in the morning you don’t start the day feeling too great either.

You can imagine how sustained pressure can quickly build up to generate more severe levels of stress, if you aren’t able to interrupt this ‘vicious circle’. All too often this can lead to physical and mental health problems on a dangerous and rapid downhill slope. Many people who have experienced the onset of serious stress related illness describe how they ‘never even saw it coming’! That was my experience too, a number of years ago.

And We’re All Different!

Because we are all unique and different, each of us experiences and describes stress in very different ways. What causes stress in me won’t necessarily affect you the same way…and vice-versa. So unfortunately there isn’t a single ‘cure’ or solution to managing stress that will work for everyone. In order to improve the way you manage your own stress you need to identify what your own personal characteristics are, understand where in the ‘recovery process’ you tend to get stuck, and find some options to enable you to recover more quickly and completely, so that in time you can feel more relaxed, motivated and energised.

In our ‘Turning Stress Into Success’ workshops we use a model to describe ‘eight states’ or stages that we pass through in recovering from stress, so that you can discover which parts of the process aren’t working well for you and why. In other words, what is causing you to ‘get stuck’ in the first place.

Of course you can’t remove all of the sources of stress in your life, but once you have this basic understanding of your own unconscious stress experience you can make better choices and develop new strategies. This will enable you to recover more quickly and easily, allowing you to be more successful in what you do and to enjoy a better quality of life!

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