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Stress Management Training That Pays

For Itself…Up To Ten Times Over!

Do you or others in your organisation see stress as:

  • A problem that you would just rather not have to deal with?
  • An inevitable part of working in your particular environment?
  • A problem you should do something about…but the solution could be an unwelcome drain on financial resources?

If so, then I invite you to think of it in a new way…to consider a different perspective. Experience has shown us time after time that when organisations are proactive and take effective steps to deal with the (almost inevitable!) problems of workplace stress…it pays big dividends – directly to the bottom line and to the working lives of many people within the organisation.

A truly effective stress management programme will save you money by:

  • Increasing productivity, reducing wasted time and energy
  • Reducing sickness absence and all the associated costs – which can be substantial
  • Improving working relationships – which results in higher performing teams and a more successful collaborative culture
  • Increasing the ability of people to think more creatively and solve day to day problems more quickly
  • Allowing organisations to become more streamlined and businesses more competitive

Not convinced yet? Some Real Life Examples:

  • The large IT Development department in the finance sector which achieved annual cost savings, related to sickness absence alone, of approximately 11 times the investment in a selective training programme
  • Programmes replicated in other parts of the Group generated improved performance on project timescales and reporting, better relationships and communication up and down the management chain, greater morale and motivation, and lower staff turnover – all having a positive impact on the financial performance of the business
  • The public sector front line services department experiencing high levels of pressure and stress which was dramatically affecting the ability to manage a heavy case load and impacting personal lives. The training enabled staff to adopt a healthier perspective and sustain a higher level of job performance
  • The support services side of a law firm threatened by high rates of staff attrition where raising awareness and equipping managers to deal with ‘stress issues’ more effectively saved money though improved performance and greater job satisfaction leading to better staff retention

What You Can Expect For Your Investment

An effective stress management programme teaches people how to ‘dynamically’ recognise and manage their own levels of stress in order to reach and sustain their optimum level of job performance, improve personal effectiveness through their ability to manage time, priorities and workload and maintain a healthy work-life balance. People are able to develop more productive working relationships, creating less stress for others and, if they manage teams, actively supporting individuals who may be at risk in order to improve overall team performance and morale.

It isn’t rocket science but it does require a change in perspective and a desire to tackle the problem in a way which creates a real financial payback.

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Public Courses and Stress Management Workshops

If you think someone in your organisation could benefit from attending one of our open courses and you would like to find out more, or to book a place on the next ‘Turning Stress Into Success’ two-day workshop, then click here.

Dates of next open workshop: 26-27 October close to M40 / Warwick

This is what some of our previous programme sponsors have said about the ‘Turning Stress Into Success’ workshops:

“The feedback and statistics we’ve had back have been tremendous…the decrease of sickness absences is great…not just minor sickness and ailments like headaches and stomach problems…but also the more serious elements of sickness related to stress…these have decreased…which has been great news for the group.”

Tammy Day

People Manager – RBS Group Technology

And then…

“It had been a great course for Technology Services and I was very keen to bring it into WorldPay as well…as the results had been so good. For people to have the resources and skill sets to notice stress in those they manage and also to help themselves. And not just in the workplace…feedback was very much around how it has helped them in their personal life…which has put benefits into the workforce…with increased levels of motivation. It’s good to catch people who are stressed before they become overstressed.”

Tammy Day

Head of Business Control – RBS WorldPay

“I was struck by the positive feedback after the event…Peter’s skill in delivery and management of the group dynamics… the overwhelming theme was one of an approach that was ‘powerful but without threat’ and for the group this learning, insight and awareness has remained with them.”

Su Pascoe

Service Manager (Local Government – Intermediate Care)

“Peter facilitated the two days fantastically. The event itself was great in terms of practical things to use at work and home. Excellent! Every person working for a large organisation should go on this course.”

Kim Paterson

Business Support Manager, International Banking Group

Support Options For Organisations Include:

  • Stress management workshops
  • Individual one-to-one coaching programmes
  • Personal effectiveness training and development – e.g. managing work-load, prioritisation, managing conflict, communication and negotiation strategies etc.
  • Mediation services
  • Working with teams and conflict
  • Work-life balance and well-being – policy and programmes
  • Supporting development of HR stress management and well-being policy

To find out more click here to fill in a contact form or alternatively email me directly at I can also be contacted by telephone on office number 01803 814127 or mobile 07775 591870.

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