Stress Coaching Programme

Attention all hardworking professionals,
busy managers and business owners who are
under pressure, over-tired or feeling stressed…

‘Turning Stress Into Success -

Personal Coaching Programme’

Receive One-to-One Coaching Support to Help

You Find Practical Solutions for Managing

Your Stress, Dealing With Pressure and

Staying Out of the ‘Stress Trap’!

Do you ever…

  • feel under so much pressure that it’s hard to focus or make decisions?
  • wake in the night ‘worrying’…and find it difficult to get back to sleep?
  • struggle to ‘contain’ your frustration, anger or aggression?
  • feel ‘trapped’ in a stressful situation…and ‘powerless’ to get out of it?

Would you like to…

  • take better control of your day, relax more easily, sleep more soundly?
  • achieve more success, more easily and enjoy a better quality of life?
  • have effective strategies for coping with any amount of pressure?
  • have more physical energy and look after your long term health?

If any of these apply to you then I’d like to help you benefit

from a focused and highly effective personal coaching programme

Hi, I’m Peter Jefford and I know from personal experience how damaging the effects of stress can be. I also know how difficult it can be to get yourself out of the ‘stress trap’; even once you realise that you are in it! Running stress management workshops and personal coaching sessions for over ten years has enabled me to fine-tune a process which will help you to discover exactly what the steps are for you to get yourself out of that trap now – quickly and easily.

You can now benefit from this proven stress management programme by signing up at no risk, with a full money back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you after the initial consultation. See further down the page for what other people have said about the coaching.

On This Programme You Will Learn How:

  • We inadvertently ‘buy into’ myths and stigmas about stress, which make the problems worse for ourselves
  • We all have a ‘in-built process’ for recovering from stress – naturally, automatically and unconsciously
  • This automatic process can get blocked, or out of balance, without you even realising it
  • You can use your awareness of this natural recovery process to get more things done, more easily, in less time, with better results and less stress
  • Negative emotions like frustration, anger, fear, guilt…build up over time in ways that are damaging to your health and can become dangerous if not released
  • You can release more of the emotional and physical effects of stress by making very simple changes in your daily routine
  • The one simple truth about your ability to ‘perform under pressure’ can completely change your attitude to managing yourself (and others) so that you always get the best results
  • Boredom, apathy and low motivation can create another form of stress – and there is a simple process to help you to feel more positive and move on
  • Goals, expectations and priorities can get in your way…or help you to succeed, depending on how you manage them
  • You can manage all of your relationships more effectively to lower stress and get better results…consistently!

Wouldn’t that be useful?

Everybody’s experience and understanding of stress is unique and different – so there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to managing your stress. This process will help you to find your own ‘perfect fit’ solution to reduce your stress and develop effective strategies to recover from stress quickly and easily.

What Previous Clients Have Said:

“When we started I was on the slope towards ‘crash and burn’ again…and I knew that this time I might not survive. Now I am still busy at work and I am taking on wider commercial responsibilities but I am feeling good and actively managing my work-life balance. I am building better work relationships, generating shared outcomes and making more effective use of time.”


Head of Financial and Management Accounting (Media Accounting Services Ltd)

“My outcome was to take more control of my working day…and my life! Delegation and letting go was an issue for me. Since starting the coaching I have been promoted and given the additional responsibility of all of Customer Services. This means that I have to delegate more and this has gone really well. I now ‘feel’ in control.”


Senior Manager – Logistics

“I used to over-analyse and come across as indecisive, I could be obsessive – I didn’t want to get it wrong. I was fearful of redundancy and not being successful. I could be abrupt, get angry and raise stress in others at work. Now I am much calmer and in control, dealing with people better when the pressure is on – I am being more assertive without being aggressive. I recently played an important role in closing a major deal – I am making more decisions myself. My boss has noticed that as a result I am more effective and people find it easier to work with me now – I have been recommended for promotion.”


Investment Banker (Dresdner Kleinwort Benson)

“The feedback and statistics we’ve had back have been tremendous…the decrease of sickness absences is great…not just minor sickness and ailments like headaches and stomach problems…but also the more serious elements of sickness related to stress…these have decreased…which has been great news for the group.”

Tammy Day

People Manager – RBS Group Technology

Managing Stress in the Workplace:

If you manage other people in your work, or if you regularly interact with people who are stressed themselves, this programme will enable you to understand how they all have different perspectives, and different experiences of stress. Recognising this will help you to develop more flexibility in how you respond to them and, if appropriate, support them in managing their own stress.

I also run corporate and in-house stress management programmes and if you would like to discuss your particular situation or requirements please click here to fill in a contact form or if you prefer, email me direct at

After This Programme You Will:

  • Understand your own experience and natural ability to RECOVER from stress – seeing a bigger perspective, looking from ‘outside the stress trap’
  • Know how to recognise at an EARLY stage when your stress level is starting to build up…so you can deal with it before it starts to affect your HEALTH
  • Have learned the BEST WAY FOR YOU to release the negative emotions that build up stress in your day-to-day living…like frustration, anger, fear, anxiety, guilt…
  • Be motivated to make simple changes in your daily routine so that you can release the physical effects of stress from your body, to PROTECT YOUR HEALTH and enable you to relax more, sleep well and feel better
  • Have found out how easy it is to RECHARGE YOUR BATTERIES every day…so you will feel more positive and ‘grounded’ – without having to wait for that next holiday!
  • Know how to run a work-life balance ‘check-up’ so that you have a clearer ‘sense of direction’ and can make adjustments to keep you MOTIVATED and ENJOYING MORE SUCCESS in both your work / career and personal life
  • Know how to manage goals and expectations which are RIGHT FOR YOU so that you will prioritise well and LET GO of what weighs you down
  • Recognise how you can create MORE SUCCESS in your life by preparing and prioritising the next action steps
  • Develop greater awareness in your day-to-day living so that you will recover more naturally from stress, maintain your health and FEEL BETTER every day!

Wouldn’t that be a great way to

get out of the stress trap?

This coaching programme is currently available only in the UK and is designed to focus specifically on what is important for you personally. It presents a great opportunity to invest in yourself, your health and your success…all at the same time!

You can choose to focus the coaching into whatever areas are most important or relevant for you personally. Examples of subjects that often come up in coaching situations because they add to stress, include managing pressure at work, dealing with difficult work relationships (boss, peers, subordinates, colleagues…), work-life balance, personal relationships (partners, family, children, friends…), financial worries and concerns, anxiety, depression, irrational or extreme fears and phobias, sexuality and fears about health.

The coaching process helps you to deal more effectively with the day-to-day experience and consequences of stress and to take steps to reduce the causes of stress in your life by developing better coping strategies and making changes in appropriate situations.

What Previous Clients Have Said About the Coaching:

“Before the coaching I was low in energy, tired and stressed. I was working long hours and finding it hard to switch off at home. After the coaching I felt much more energetic, enthusiastic and work was more like a ‘moving walkway’ rather than the ‘treadmill’ that it had been. I felt that all around was changing and now I was actively moving with it.”


Senior Manager (Technology Sector)

“Peter and I worked great together. I’m a lot more confident and better at decision making – more ‘powerful’. I got good feedback from Peter and now I deal with difficult situations and conflict much better, I take more of a ‘helicopter view’. It’s better for everyone.”


Investment Banker

“I found the coaching enjoyable and it worked well with me. I wasn’t clear on day one why I was doing it but once the outcomes were agreed then it was good and my objectives were achieved. Despite all the stress and disruption around at work at the moment I am feeling great. I have greater self-confidence, heightened self-awareness; I am calmer and feel less pressurised – more productive.”


Senior Manager (Technology Sector)

“Peter is a highly skilled and experienced coach who always gives of his best to ensure that people learn and develop the skills most relevant to their current goals. He combines sound commercial judgement and first-hand experience of corporate project management with personal warmth and sensitivity to others. He is a brilliant trainer and coach.”

Dianne Lowther

Owner / Director of Brilliant Minds
Master Trainer of NLP
October 2009

“Peter is a dedicated and insightful individual who brings extensive knowledge and experience to his work…helping people to gain the skills, knowledge and attitude they need to be successful and achieve the outcomes they want. He has a gift for building rapport and finding ways to make a difference to those he works with. He helps people find solutions to unblock the problems that hold them back and put in place useful and resourceful behaviours instead. He combines an ethical stance with pragmatic and realistic ideas for developing skills within a business environment so that people can achieve measurable results.”

Mandy Geal

Owner / Director, Learning Partners Ltd
October 2009

“Peter’s background in business and training, together with his comprehensive understanding and application of NLP methodology produces substantial results for his clients.”

Kathryn Thomason- Hayes

Qualified Trainer of NLP
Registered Institute of the
Time Line Therapy Association

The Stress Coaching Programme – Schedule:

  • Programme includes initial telephone consultation and SIX half-day coaching sessions
  • Timing of coaching sessions is by mutual arrangement to fit in with your own personal circumstances, schedule and requirements
  • Coaching sessions are usually spread over a 4-5 month period, with shorter gaps for the first three sessions
  • A telephone ‘hot-line’ service is available for up to three 45 minute personal calls if required between sessions
  • Face-to-face sessions are arranged at a comfortable and mutually convenient venue

You will receive personal attention and focus on whatever your particular challenges and circumstances might be. I will help you to develop your own personal strategies and plan of action to enable you to make those changes which will make the all important difference in your life. This will enable you to enjoy a better sense of well-being and greater success in your life as well as supporting your health – which (I’m sure you’ll agree) is priceless! This coaching programme represents excellent value for money and if during the initial telephone consultation you decide it is not for you then we will gladly give you a full refund. If after the first face-to-face session you decide you don’t want to continue any further, then you will receive a pro-rata refund for the remaining sessions…guaranteed!

100% Guarantee

The cost of this highly effective personal coaching programme, including venue, refreshments, relevant materials and UK VAT is just £3497 including initial telephone consultation, SIX half-day coaching sessions and access for up to three additional ‘emergency’ telephone consultations.

In order to ease the financing of this programme there is a payment by instalment option available to you, consisting of three equal instalments of just £1197 (including UK VAT). The second and third instalments become payable on the dates of the second and fourth coaching sessions respectively.

“Peter is an expert in his profession!”

Tammy Day

Head of Business Control – RBS WorldPay (Internet Solutions)

“Peter’s coaching style is both understated and powerful, which enables him to build excellent rapport and always achieve a result.”

Crispin Spalding

Director – Ultima Performance Training

“Since you cured me of my fear of flying we have been to China, Ecuador, Australia and Sri Lanka. How’s that for excellent coaching!”

Mary Tait

Training and Development Professional

If you agree with me that you deserve this opportunity to reduce the impact of stress in your life, and enjoy more success, then make a commitment to yourself now…just click on either the ‘single pay’ or the ‘instalment pay’ link below, fill in the payment form and make a sound investment in yourself today!

Once you have made your payment you will receive further details about the programme and how to schedule your initial telephone consultation. If you would like us to invoice your employer or company, or if you would like to talk to us about running ‘in-house’ training or coaching within your company, then please click here to fill in a contact form or alternatively email me direct at

I look forward to meeting you and working with you, which I guarantee will be a valuable and rewarding experience.

With best wishes,

Peter Jefford B.Sc., Ph.D., Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Practitioner of Time Line TherapyTM, Accredited Business Coach, Member of the American Board of NLP and Hypnotherapy, Member of Time Line Therapy Association

P.S. Remember, you’re making this decision completely at NO RISK. If for any reason you decide during the initial telephone consultation that the coaching programme is not for you, just ask for a refund and we’ll gladly honour your request.

P.P.S. If you carry on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll carry on getting what you’ve always got! This is your opportunity to break the cycle – don’t you owe that to yourself?

“Awareness without action is a daydream…

…Action without awareness is a nightmare!”

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