‘Inside Secrets for Managing Your Stress’

‘Managing Stress: The Inside Secrets’

If you are a hard-working professional, a busy manager or a business owner and you are under pressure, over tired or feeling stressed…then spending just one hour of your life understanding this now could change your experience of stress…for ever!

These ‘inside secrets’ to help you cope with high levels of pressure and manage your stress, while continuing to perform at your best, were previously only available by attending one of our workshops. I have now made them available in a new, convenient and easy to use one-hour recorded seminar.

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Tuning In to Your Natural Ability to Recover From Stress

(And Making It Work For You ‘Big Time’!)

You may not think of it this way, but you already have an innate ability to recover from stress -- easily, quickly and completely. This is a natural, automatic and unconscious process that enables you to release the physical and emotional tension, allowing your body and mind to relax and fully recover, so that you can feel refreshed, re-energised, and motivated to spontaneously and easily take action to achieve your goals.

The problem is that mostly we are not aware of how or when this recovery process is taking place and unintentionally we tend to inhibit or block the process, in ways that allow stress and tension to build up progressively over time. The net result is that you become less productive, less able to think creatively, poorer at decision making and hence far less effective in achieving what you want in life -- all without realising that it’s happening. What can be worse is that you are storing up health problems for later. Most people I have talked with over the years, who have experienced stress related illnesses (sometimes with serious long term consequences), just didn’t see it coming…it took them completely by surprise…including me!

What’s the ulimate price that you’re prepared to pay if you
continue feeling stressed and struggling under pressure?

I found out the hard way…which is why I know that a small investment of your time now will ‘pay off big time’ in both the near term and long term future…for your career and financial success, your health and your quality of life. Guaranteed!

100% Guarantee

If you buy this seminar and you are not fully satisfied that it can help you then I will happily give you a full refund. So there is no financial risk and all you can lose is one hour of your valuable time.

This is what you will receive for your money:

  • An easy to view, stand-alone visual presentation in pdf format
  • A one-hour audio commentary and explanation in mp3 format
  • View and listen together or separately -- on your PC or laptop
  • Stand-alone audio track is downloadable on to your mp3 player
  • Special bonus offer: optional free 20 minute telephone follow-up
  • Excellent value -- all at only £27 including VAT

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But You Don’t Need To Take My Word For It
Listen To What Previous Clients Have Said

Many hundreds of people attending ‘Turning Stress Into Success’ workshops over the last eight years have commented that understanding this stress recovery process, and relating it to their own experience, was the most important thing they took away from the event. In order to make this ‘revelation’ more widely available I have now condensed these ‘inside secrets’ into an audio-visual recorded seminar so that that you can listen and/or view at your leisure. And notice what a difference that could make in your life.

One previous client wrote to me two years after attending a workshop: “I still consider your workshop to be one of my most memorable life changing moments ever. I can honestly say that my attitude to every aspect of my work-life balance has improved dramatically ever since I attended the workshop. And your suggestions for reducing stress that I took away with me from those two days have helped me through some very challenging times in the past two years, both at work and at home.” (Mark Du Toit -- Business Services Manager, International Banking Group)

Others wrote: “What was most useful was understanding the stress recovery model and the relationship between pressure and stress.” (Rob -- Programme Manager, IT Development). “I liked that we covered the concept of stress as a natural part of life and how to use the recovery model to improve performance for self and others without going over the edge.” (Fiona Harvie -- Senior Project Manager, RBS)

This audio-visual recorded seminar presents the key points of the stress recovery model used as the basis of the workshop, so that you can understand this natural process, and start to use it straight away.

Learn the easy way to manage stress, achieve
more each day and enjoy a better quality of life!

Download your own copy now to see and hear about this simple but ground-breaking perspective on managing stress. You can also download the audio track to your mp3 player and listen at your leisure. And once you’ve taken it in, if you want to find out or understand more, then you can choose to take up the bonus offer of a free 20 minute telephone follow-up coaching session -- it’s entirely up to you.

I hope you enjoy the programme and I send my best wishes for a more successful and healthy relationship with stress!

Peter Jefford

Click Here to Buy Now! Pay by Credit Card at just £27 inc VAT for a limited period only

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