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Hi, I’m Peter Jefford and I have been involved in management development, coaching and training for 15 years or more. My early career included various management roles within the high technology industry and, despite having a history of excellent physical health, in the mid-1990′s I experienced a period of severe physical illness which resulted in me being away from work for over two months and taking more than six months to get back to full health. I realised after I had become ill that the condition had been brought on by stress. There had been a number of significant changes in my life during the previous year including the birth of our first child, a change in job role which meant taking on greater responsibility and other family and work related issues. However, I hadn’t been aware of feeling particularly stressed during that time and I had been enjoying the new challenges and responsibilities – so the illness was a big surprise…and a severe wake up call!

After returning to work I noticed that my confidence had dropped and I was more aware of the pressure that I had been under. I was concerned that I might become ill again if I didn’t make some significant changes…but what…and how? I happened to attend a stress management course with some work colleagues and found it very interesting to understand more about the ‘theory’ of stress and how it can affect our health and well-being…but still it didn’t really tell me how to avoid a recurrence of stress-related illness in the future.

Several years later I chose to leave corporate life to set up my own business, focusing on my main interest which was training and coaching in people development and management skills. During this transition I also trained and qualified in NLP and various coaching related disciplines to support the business and executive coaching experience that I was gaining in my work. At this time I happened to come across an article in a journal which included a simple ‘model’ describing how we as human beings experience and recover from stress. I knew as I read the article how significant this understanding was and, as I looked back on my own experience of stress related illness, so many thoughts and ideas fell into place. I contacted the author and asked if I could use his model in my work – which he was pleased to agree to. He had been using this model successfully in his work coaching and counselling people with varying degrees of severity in stress related disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I quickly realised that understanding this ‘unconscious process’ of how we all naturally recover from stress could help me (and others) avoid stress-related illness in the first place. I started developing training workshops and coaching techniques based around this model and the results were surprisingly dramatic, both for people who had been ‘suffering from stress’ for some time and also people who didn’t even realise that they were ‘stressed’ but were experiencing physical problems or emotional difficulties in dealing with work and daily life situations.

Over the next few years I developed the coaching processes and workshop programmes further, working with private individuals and in the corporate arena across a wide range of industry sectors. The beauty of the techniques means that they are not only able to help people to recover from and avoid stress-related illness, but also to create more success for themsleves in everything that they do. It involves a change in attitude, towards daily activities and responsibilities, and in a sense building a more positive ‘relationship’ with stress to support the innate ability of the mind and body to recover from stress. It sees stress as a natural and healthy part of normal life and recognises that what matters is how we deal with stress and enable ourselves to recover from it – everyday! Hence the approach of ‘turning stress into success’ was born.

I hope you find what you are looking for on this website and I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and work with you if you choose to join one of our workshops or coaching programmes.

With best wishes,

Peter Jefford B.Sc., Ph.D., Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Practitioner of Time Line TherapyTM, Accredited Business Coach, Member of the American Board of NLP and Hypnotherapy, Member of Time Line Therapy Association

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