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Hi, I’m Peter Jefford and working with many people over the last ten years in training workshops and on coaching programmes has told me a lot about how different individuals are affected by stress. It’s very clear that we all experience stress in different ways and we can all mean very different things when we use the word ‘stress’.

This is why there is no single solution for coping with stress. We are all affected in different ways, we all experience different symptoms and we all get stressed by different things. It’s no wonder that managing stress is still a big problem for busy professionals, managers, parents, in fact anyone…at home, in relationships and in the workplace.

It’s also very clear that most people don’t realise how much they could improve the situation for themselves, just by understanding more about what is going on inside the unconscious mind – their thoughts, feelings and also physically in the body. Instead what tends to happen when we are feeling stressed is that we mainly focus on the problem or situation that is causing us stress, and perhaps just notice how ‘bad’ we feel inside. And while of course it’s important to deal with the causes, there is also a lot we can do to improve how we are experiencing the stress inside. The extra pay-off then is that the better we feel inside, the more effectively we deal with and resolve the problems that are causing us stress.

Recovering From Stress

We all have a natural inbuilt, automatic, unconscious process for recovering from stress, which most of the time we are not aware of at all. But this process can become ‘blocked’ or inhibited in a number of different ways. When people discover more about their own innate ability to recover from stress, and learn how to ‘tune in’ to it, they realise what blocks their own recovery and, more importantly, how they can ‘unblock it’. This is the starting point for all my stress management programmes and the use of NLP makes it a lot easier to understand and describe what is happening. Once people begin to make what can be very simple changes to their daily routine and ways of thinking, they are able to feel much more in control, more positive and ready to move on and deal much more effectively with the causes of their stress.

It’s also useful to realise that we all experience some form of ‘stress’, in one way or another, every day of our lives, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. In a sense ‘stress’ is a natural aspect of normal healthy life. What really matters is how well this ‘recovery process’ works for you. And that’s where I can help.

To learn how this recovery process works (and doesn’t work) for you right now, how it gets ‘blocked’ so that you can experience an unhealthy build up of stress, and how to improve your ability to recover from stress, or cope with pressure more easily…click on the link to find out more in this one-hour pre-recorded seminar, which is available to download now at a special price for a limited period only:

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You can see for yourself on the ‘What People Are Saying’ page how much people have benefited from understanding this process and tackling the underlying causes of stress; and how they have been able to change their ‘experience of stress’ for the better…and for good!

I hope that you will enjoy exploring this website and find the information and resources you need to help you cope with pressure and manage stress much more easily – don’t you deserve that for yourself? See the ‘For Individuals’ page to find an overview of what is available.

With best wishes for a more successful and healthy relationship with stress!

Peter Jefford

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